• Social Media Management
    The time has come to join the digital party
    The use of social media is accelerating across generational boundaries. If you are in business, you need to be spreading your digital breadcrumbs wisely.

    Talk to us about Social Media Management services, after all, you don't want to be the one left in the kitchen..
  • Business Consultancy
    Independent Consultancy services
    Our Business Consultancy services are available to help you develop your business and of course, your people.

  • Media Production
    Digital magic
    ► Bring your proposition to life

    ► Promote you business across Social Media

    ► Digital learning and development
  • Sales Skills
    Effective client facing skills
    ► Write more business, more often
    ► Learn how to become 'Referrable'
    ► Differentiating yourself
    ► Deliver better client outcomes
  • Break-through coaching
    Performance orientated coaching
    Achieve sustainable performance improvement through the aggregation of marginal gains
  • Differentiation
    You know you're different - do your customers?

  • Client propositions
    What do your clients value?
    Establishing the elements of your client propositions that are most highly valued by your most valued clients can provide your business with the insight it needs to achieve profitable growth.
    We can help you to develop your client propositions.
Thinking Achievers provide a comprehensive range of business and individual development services. These include
  • Business Consultancy & Social Media services
  • One to one personal and performance coaching
  • Sales skills training, differentiating and articulating your proposition
  • Media production including video messaging and video training tutorials
  • Training needs analysis and design
  • On-line training & coaching services
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