Effective sales skills development for professional financial advisers

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Thinking Achievers provide a comprehensive range of highly effective Sales Training / Soft Skills development programs;
  • Full training needs analysis and consultation
  • Competency based - enabling initial & ongoing peformance measurement
  • Programs includes trainer led skills demonstrations
  • Expert assessment and coaching support
  • Full supporting documentation and measurement tools
  • Technology skills training
  • Post event support program's available

For further information, please contact Jan Willmott at Thinking Achievers Ltd or click here to make an enquiry.

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Gain the professional edge
with tailored on-line training programs from
Thinking Achievers

Sales skills training programs for professional financial advisers.

Thinking Achievers have created a unique Sales Skills training program designed to develop core and and advanced soft skills.

The program uses a combination of on-line and face to face development material and can be tailored to meet specific branding, cultural & product area needs.

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